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Frequently Asked Questions by job seekers

How do I apply for a job?
Make sure to attend our upcoming Job Fair. To secure an interview ahead of time, you can preregister here. You will want to make sure you have your most current resume ready as a Microsoft Word document or PDF file, and all the information you need to give us three references (names, addresses,
phone numbers, email addresses, etc.). Bring the printed resume with you for the face to face interview.

Where is the Job Fair Located?
300 Decatur Street, in the Club Voila. Just down the street from House of Blues, heading towards Jackson Square. A map can be found to your right

Should I submit my resume if I do not see a job that is a fit for me?
While our positions are rather specific (Bourbon Street Hospitality), the short answer is Yes, absolutely! Submit your resume today, and we will place it in our confidential database. When employers ask us for qualified professionals who meet the requirements and can fill their open positions, the first thing we do is search our existing resume database. When your resume matches the requirements for an open job, we will contact you directly to learn of your interest in this job opportunity.

Does your service cost me anything? Who pays the fee?
There is NEVER a fee for job seekers. Our client companies pay our fees. They know it is more efficient and cost effective to outsource recruiting to us directly.

How long will it take me to find a job?
A well-run job search effort can take many months. The best career search effort requires a proven plan. To shorten the process, you need a precise resume and someone in your corner who has the inside scoop on who is hiring, what their needs are and how your skills measure up to those needs. If you are already in the hospitality industry, you can feel confident that we can match you with the right job in the shortest time.

Is your service confidential? Will you share my resume without my permission?
When you apply for a job or submit your resume to us, be assured we will respect confidentiality. We understand the need for sensitivity in handling your job search. We will not share your confidential resume with our clients without your prior consent. For example, we will NOT contact your current or past employers without your consent.



For specific questions, or to submit a digital resume, simply Email us.